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UMX™ A-10 BL BNF Basic (EFLU3750)

Features Twin 28mm ducted fans with powerful 13,500Kv BL motors Best-in-class maneuverability and power The stability and precision of AS3X® technology Incredible scale outline Full 4-channel control with functional dual rudders Clear canopy with pilot figure Nose cannon and panel-line details Rare “Flipper” camo trim scheme Removable landing gear with steerable nose wheel Need to […]

DX20 Spektrum DSMX

Spektrum DX 20 DSMX $1299.99 available 4-20-16.  Call Bob for pre-order Pricing … Carbon fiber front case Machined-aluminum, quad-bearing gimbals Interchangeable leather side grips 20 fully-proportional channels 250-model memory Includes aluminum dual air transmitter stand up case Voice alerts Wireless trainer link Independent multi-engine control for airplanes ProTrim in-flight adjustment of rates, expo, mixes and […]

5 F-104’s at First in Flight NC

More Pics on Yak-130 Pnp

More Pics on Yak-130 Pnp

Here are more pics on my new Yak-130 Pnp Very nice detail cockpit!

Here are some new pics of Bvm Yak-130...

Here are some new pics of Bvm Yak-130 Pnp

I had a few hours to work on my new Yak.  This is the 3rd one in this Pnp ( Plug n play) series and it  is amazing how much nicer this jet is than the previous ones. I didn’t think it could get any better but it did!  Check out these pics.

Bvm Yak-130 Pnp Video

Bvm Yak-130 Pnp is here

Bvm Yak-130 Pnp is here

Bvm Yak-130 Pnp turbine jet has just arrived!  Beautifully finished Plug n play just needs your 140-160 class Turbine, and your favorite radio system (for more details, visit Bvmjets.com) I hope to have it back at the shop next week sometime We also have F-16, and F-9F Cougar please contact Kwang if you like to […]

F-104 Video’s


F-104’s at First in Flight 2015

F-104’s at First in Flight 2015

      There was 5 of us with Skymaster F-104’s at First in Flight NC … Mine is silver one with Jet Central Mammath and Spektrum Dx18 top speed of 170 ish Video coming soon …