Chroma™ 4K Camera Drone Flight Case Bundle: RTF

If you’re looking for an easy way to jump into the exciting world of 4K aerial photography, this Chroma™ package has everything you need.

  • Captures smooth, steady aerial video in stunning 4K definition
  • No-distortion camera lens eliminates fisheye effect
  • Easy to fly – no experience necessary
  • Everything in one box
  • 30 minute flight times *
  • Advanced SAFE® Plus technology
  • Smart Mode for beginner pilots
  • AP Mode for experienced pilots
  • Autonomous Follow Me and Tracking modes
  • Return Home function
  • Live video and telemetry info on controller display
  • Uses GLONASS and U.S. GPS for greater accuracy and reliability
  • Mast-mounted GPS antenna for superb signal reception


Stunning 4K Video and Brilliant Photos.

The included CGO3 combines a high-definition camera and 3-axis stabilization gimbal into a single unit that captures steady aerial video and stills in unbelievable detail. All camera controls are placed within easy reach on the included ST-10+ controller.
Camera features include:

  • 4K/30fps or 1080p/120fps video
  • 12MP photo
  • No-distortion lens – eliminates fisheye effect
  • Integrated, 3-axis brushless stabilization gimbal
  • Adjustable resolution and frame rate
  • Adjustable settings for different lighting conditions
  • Streams live video to the ST-10+ controller from as far as 600 meters
  • Streams live video to multiple mobile devices within 90-120 meters *



Approx. Flying Time 30 minutes
Battery 11.1V 3S 6300mAh Li-Po
Motor to Motor Distance 400mm
Height 9.50in (242mm)
Weight 45.9oz (1.3kg)
Motors 780Kv Brushless Outrunner
Prop Diameter 260mm
Flight Control Link 2.4GHz
Video Link 5.8GHz
Approx. Video Link Range 1,970ft (600m)
GPS Receiver GLONASS and U.S.
Completion Level Ready-To-Fly
Recommended Environment Outdoor

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